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Programming languages and software development

Direct Method Calls: Java vs. JVM

I stumbled over this StackOverflow question today. Basically, we want to call the method of a specific class directly without worrying about any virtual methods. While it is established that it is not possible in Java, is it in the JVM?

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On Sylph and Myx

I have recently read Eeveeā€™s blog post about Sylph, the language he wants. Here, I want to give my opinion about most ideas expressed in his blog post. I add my own ideas, beyond the pure criticism I perform, but almost every topic we will cover in this piece deserves a post itself, so I will not go into too much detail.

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Negative Ambiguities

When working on my template language bryg, I frequently have to compromise between a nice syntax and syntactic ambiguities, which also affect parsing performance. Since bryg templates are compiled at runtime, the performance is important, but so is an intuitive and clean syntax, especially for a template language. Also, too many ambiguities lead to a lot of edge cases, which in turn lead to more complicated rules. I want to highlight one problem and explain how it evolved.

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Immutability by Default

Most imperative programming languages in the C language family require the programmer to annotate a variable with const or similar qualifiers if they want the variable to be immutable. Recent languages like Rust, Ceylon and myx propose the opposite approach. Is the new course an improvement or just a fad?

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